Sunstate Appraisal Group LLC accepts payment via mailed check, credit card, or Paypal.

Not every appraisal is the same thus, fees may vary depending upon the clients required scope of work.  After the scope of work is identified, we can develop an engagement letter that includes the scope of work and fee for the assignment.  This engagement letter will be signed by the appraiser and the client.  Work by the appraiser will not be performed until the engagement letter is signed and received by the appraiser.  If the client is an unknown individual (non-bank/law office) full payment is required up front.  Our credit card and Paypal capability permits us to start the assignment immediately.

Let's be honest, we know that it is difficult to know if an appraiser will "hit" the desired number.  In a perfect world, appraisers would not be pressured to "hit" a number.  However, the appraisal world is not perfect and a low appraisal will nix most deals.  Therefore, if a client chooses to provide a number prior to engagement, Sunstate Appraisal Group LLC will perform a brief analysis of the subject prior to formal engagement.  At this point, if the assignment is declined the client can draw their own conclusions.  Our acceptance of an assignment does not guarantee we will "hit" the number.  A low appraisal most likely means we found something during the appraisal process that negatively affected value.  Under this scenario the client is expected to pay the appraisal fee.

Residential fee ranges for "As is" market value:
Under $500k - $250 - $400 fee
Over $500k - $400 - $1,000 fee
add $250 for a cost approach
Other - Call

Commercial fee ranges for "As is" market value:
Vacant Land $750 - $1,500
Single user commercial building $1,750 - $2,250
Multi-tenant commercial building $2,000 - $2,500
Other - Call

Insurable value