Appraisals For:

Transfer of ownership

  • To help prospective buyers set offering prices
  • To help prospective sellers determine acceptable selling prices
  • To establish a basis for real property exchanges
  • To establish a basis for reorganizing or merging the ownership of multiple properties
  • To determine the terms of a sale price for a proposed transaction

Financing and credit

  • To develop an opinion of the value of the security offered for a proposed mortgage loan
  • To provide an investor with a sound basis for deciding whether to purchase real estate mortgages, bonds, or other types of securities
  • To establish a basis for a decision to insure or underwrite a loan on real property


Property division
  • To develop an opinion of the market value of a property in contract disputes
  • To develop an opinion of the market value of real estate as part of a portfolio
  • To develop an opinion of value of partnership interests

Tax matters

  • To develop an opinion of assessed value
  • To separate assets into depreciable (or capital recapture) items such as buildings and non-depreciable items such as land, and to estimate applicable deprecation (or capital recapture) rates
  • To develop an opinion of the value of the real estate component of an estate plan that represents the foundation for future capital gains and inheritance taxes

Investment counseling, decision making, and accounting

  • To set rent schedules and lease provisions
  • To determine the feasibility of a construction or renovation program
  • To help corporations or third parties purchase homes for transferred employees
  • To serve the needs of insurers, adjusters, and policyholders
  • To develop an opinion of liquidation vale for forced sale or auction proceedings
  • To counsel clients by considering their investment goals, alternatives, resources, and constraints and the timing of their activities
  • To assist in arbitrating valuation issues
  • To analyze supply and demand trends in a market
  • To ascertain the status of real estate markets
  • To value fixed assets and assist in asset value allocations